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TWoP 10: Best Rivalries on Scripted TV

by admin February 3, 2012 6:32 am
TWoP 10: Best Rivalries on Scripted TV

This weekend during the Super Bowl, the longstanding rivalry between the Giants and the Patriots will come to a head. Again. While we're not really huge fans of the actual sporting event, we do appreciate a good showdown. So, in honor of the big game, we've ranked our favorite rivals (not to be confused with heroes and villains) on scripted TV this season.

10. Marshall vs. Barney (How I Met Your Mother)
They're buddies who drink together a lot, but they both vie for that coveted "Ted's best friend" title. When they engage in ridiculous tests of friendship, these two are at their best. And then there's the matter of the ongoing slap bet. You just never know when Marshall will haul off and smack the hell out of Barney. The suspense is one of the few reasons to keep watching.

9. Ann vs. April (Parks and Recreation)
Their sniping really started when Ann kissed Andy even though she knew he and April were together, but these days it's more a clash of personalities than anything else. Whenever they're forced together for work or in a social situation, we love watching them duke it out -- especially when Ann snaps and, unbeknownst to her, April gains respect for her rival. But that's not to say we want April to go soft on her, like she did with Chris.

8. Ivy Lynn vs. Karen (Smash)
This show has just started (well, it premieres officially on Monday, but it's been online for weeks) and watching the tension between the two wannabe Marilyn Monroes is definitely going to be our favorite part of this series.

7. Sutton vs. Emma (The Lying Game)
Any discerning viewer knows that Emma is obviously the Good Twin, but we often forget that she basically stole her sister's life from her (and that she's only had to spend a few months of her existence in close quarters with Laurel). Regardless of whose side you're on, watching Sutton try to steal back Ethan from Emma with her seduction skills is just plain awesome.

6. House vs. Foreman (House)
Yes, we're saying we like something about House in 2012. Shocking, we know. Seeing House back to his typical bad boy scheming ways, without the over-the-top crashing of cars through people's homes, is refreshing. And seeing the cantankerous doc butt heads with a man he trained, who is now his boss, it is downright entertainment. And best of all, there are no signs of a romance brewing between them.

5. Lemon vs. Zoe (Hart of Dixie)
The prototypical southern belle and the fast talking New Yorker hated each at first sight. Lemon's been sabotaging Zoe's practice since the moment she arrived in Bluebell (though some might argue that Zoe's lack of appropriate wardrobe might be an act of self-sabotage) and Zoe's been disrespectfully flirting with Lemon's fiancée and generally disparaging quirky traditions left and right.

4. Shane vs. Rick (The Walking Dead)
They both want the same woman, they both want to be in charge of their ragtag group of survivors and they both want to outrun the zombie hordes. These former best friends now just have remarkably different outlooks on life and death. And though we don't want to play favorites, we kind of now prefer Shane's flare for the dramatic and deadly.

3. Stella vs. Gloria (Modern Family)
One adorable dog against one sexy woman? It's a rivalry made in Internet Meme heaven. Seeing how the overly dramatic housewife deals with a pooch getting more attention than she does is just endlessly fun. Jaaaaayyyy!

2. Eli Gold vs. David Lee (The Good Wife)
These Lockhart/Gardner partners never had much reason to cross paths ... until they realized that the other one existed. Now they lock horns over the treatment of Lee's niece, shared assets and who can line up partners behind them in their dispute of the week. Their scenes together have become ridiculously bitchy high points for an already excellent show.

1. Raylan vs. Boyd (Justified )
On a lesser show, we'd obviously root for Marshal Raylan Givens over criminal Boyd Crowder -- but Justified isn't about who's breaking the law and who's enforcing it. Instead, every time these childhood friends interact, you never know who is conning the other or who should get their ass kicked the hardest. Like their characters, their rivalry is far too complicated for that. As far as significant others go, however, we're Team Ava. Obviously.

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