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TWoP 10: Characters Whose Absence Would Instantly Improve Their Shows

Sometimes less is more and there's addition by subtraction. At least, in the case of some of our favorite shows, that is definitely true. We've identified TV's weakest links this season and have determined that their removal would guarantee an immediate uptick in the entertainment level of their respective shows. Here are the major characters that most need to go, for everyone's sake:

10. Kenneth (30 Rock)
He's far too old for the page shtick, and giving him a real job has been one of the least funny developments we've ever seen on the show. The only option is to ship him back from whence he came... permanently.

9. Becca (Missing)
If she goes missing, too, this show would be a hell of a lot more watchable. Granted, it might no longer exist, but blank airtime could be more fascinating than this dull kidnapping series.

8. Mr. Schue (Glee)
Now that he's finally realized that he can't teach Spanish, perhaps he'll admit that he's also clueless about actually coaching a glee club. They don't know what they are singing until five minutes before they go on stage, they never rehearse the same number twice, members come and go and use their practice time to vent their own personal issues and there seems to be an endless costume budget that is never addressed. Plus, we're weary of his bickering with Sue, his personal relationships and his dumb mash-ups and/or dancing with teenagers. When the other kids graduate, it's time for him to move along as well.

7. Sarah (Parenthood)
This show has so much going on, it would take the more likeable Bravermans a solid few weeks to even notice that waste-of-space Sarah has gone missing from her parents' guest house -- it's not like her siblings or kids are waiting with bated breath for her to finally write that award-winning play or anything. To keep it wholesome and to get rid of Mark, too, the writers could say the two lovebirds moved to South America to get married and climb mountains together.

6. Chang (Community)
He used to be a loveable weirdo, but honestly, we're over him. Get rid of his over-the-top antics and the rest of the study group (even the Dean) will jibe perfectly without anyone stealing attention in the most obnoxious way possible.

5. Julia (Smash)
If they fire the lyricist because the musical's book makes no sense (and judging from the workshop, it really doesn't), then we'd be rid of the adoption storyline, the whiny 30-year-old-looking teenager who lives with her and some of the most uncomfortable sex scenes to ever hit network television. And it would make time for more of Anjelica Huston discovering seedy bars, which we completely support.

4. Linden (The Killing)
Bring in a new competent detective. One that might actually follow up on leads in a timely manner and solve the crimes they are connected to. Let's face it, her poor soon would be better off if she was offed, too. Chances are whoever is assigned to take care of him will pay more attention to his whereabouts than she has. And that poor fiancé can go about his life without being strung along by some non-committal, cud-chewing, technologically ignorant workaholic.

3. Han (2 Broke Girls)
One less racist stereotype would do this show a lot of good, and while Oleg is probably more overtly offensive, he's also slightly funnier. Han doesn't even have that going for him. It's time for that diner to be under new management.

2. Ted (How I Met Your Mother)
No more voiceovers. No more whining. No more searching for a woman with a stupid yellow umbrella. Just five friends hanging out and drinking. We're sure that Marshall and Barney can find themselves a new guy to fight over; it is New York, after all.

1. Lori (The Walking Dead)
Sure, Carl's an insubordinate brat whose grisly end can't come soon enough, but getting rid of him wouldn't help the show as much as taking out Lori. We're dreading her pregnancy storyline, another season of eye-bulging glares at her horror show of a husband, her terrible driving and her inability to keep track of her first child. Is there some sort of spray we can put on her that would make her more alluring to walkers? Or will the pregnancy pheromones take care of that?

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