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Post Modern Family: What Would Happen If All the Parents Left?

After some renegotiation snafus, the adult stars of Modern Family are filing suit to void their contracts. While some may think that without Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill, the show could not exist, we find it easy to imagine Modern Family without the primary parents. In fact, there's many different ways to write around their characters:

What the Royal Wedding Could Learn From Game of Thrones

It seems like the entire world is focused on the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but we don't see what all the fuss is about. Sure, the British royals are occasionally great entertainment when they're being all majestic or scandalous, but they've got nothing on the royal families of Westeros. HBO's racy new fantasy series Game of Thrones will see your royal wedding and raise you an arranged marriage, an incestuous dalliance and a murder plot, and that's all in the first two episodes. Here are some traditions that the Windsors might want to consider adapting from Game of Thrones:

How to Fix The Event

by Mindy Monez December 3, 2010 4:02 pm
How to Fix The Event

Our poor, dumb little guilty pleasure show The Event is going on a break until February 28, during which time the show is expected to retool and become something that not only more people will want to watch, but also something that fewer people will want to laugh at. It's got a long way to go to becoming a legit drama (and frankly, we kind of love it as the absurd throwaway that it is right now), but here are my bids for where they should start, at least.

Can New Walking Dead Writers Bring This Show Back to Life?

It's always sad when people get fired, but we can't say that we were disappointed to hear that showrunner Frank Darabont has dismissed all of the writers from the first season of The Walking Dead. Who knows if his plan to replace them with freelancers will yield better results, but you have to admit that the show is nowhere near as entertaining as a TV show about zombies should be -- especially one based on a pretty amazing comic book. And while the production values are impeccable, a lot of the problems stem from the writing. Here are just a few things that bug us about the series:

Instead of Buffy, Remake These Joss Whedon Projects

So it's official: Warner Bros. is rebooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a film franchise and Joss Whedon will not be involved. While he was entertainingly glib about it, fans worldwide are losing their collective minds. We here at TWoP agree that Buffy is inextricably linked with Joss' voice and only wish that the studio was revisting one of Whedon's other past properties instead. Folks at Warner's: it's not too late to trade your Buffy reboot for one of the below. We promise we won't mind! (Much.)

Undercovers: What Should the Recently Out of Work Cast Do Next?

Undercovers was finally put out of its misery yesterday by NBC, despite high hopes by the network that it would become its new tentpole series. Obviously, maybe they should have put some thought into the actual making of the show other than "We'll just say the name J.J. Abrams in the commercials a lot!" if they expected anybody to like it, but what's done is done. So, now that the show's failure has put some perfectly good actors (and Lizzy) out of work, it's time for us to play headhunter and place them on other existing shows where they could potentially thrive.

Cloak & Dagger on TV: What to Do, What Not to Do

ABC and Marvel recently made a big splash in the news by announcing that they were going to be bringing back one classic Marvel superhero TV series, The Incredible Hulk, and starting an all-new one, Cloak & Dagger. Based on a comic book about two teens who were given an overdose of synthetic drugs that activated their mutant superpowers, the characters Cloak and Dagger have been around since 1982 but have faded in and out of the spotlight since then. And while the new Hulk series has five decades of comics, two feature films and a beloved TV show to draw inspiration from, we're worried that the lesser-known C&D might suffer from their new home on ABC Family. As longtime fans of the characters, here are some tips for what to do and what not to do with them.

Cake Boss Loses Rights to Its Name; We Suggest Alternates

Start saving your Cake Boss T-shirts, mouse pads and baseball caps -- they're about to become collector's items. The TLC show, which has been on for over a year now, was ordered by a judge to change its name, because CakeBoss has been the name of a cake-making software program since 2007. I'm going to repeat that: a cake-making software program. While we were hoping that it was a program that produced delicious cakes out of your printer, or possibly even a video game in which you battled other chefs as you ran around the tiers of the world's largest cake, it's actually a tool made to help bakers keep track of orders, price cakes appropriately and manage recipes and ingredients, which is... still pretty incredible that it exists. Anyway, we don't want the show to go anywhere, so we figured we'd try to come up with some new names for the producers to choose from.

Seven Things The Office Should Bring Back Before Steve Carell Leaves

The announcement that the upcoming seventh season of The Office will be Steve Carell's last saddened many, but if it made this news possible, then it may be worth it: Amy Ryan will return as Michael Scott's love interest Holly Flax, and she'll play a "sizable role" in the season. Obviously, last season's finale set us up for this, but we're still psyched. In fact, it got us thinking about other people and things Michael needs to revisit before he makes his exit. Here's a list of seven biggies.

What a Fan Wants: Post-Retirement TV Gigs for Amanda Bynes

Disillusioned by years of appearing in manufactured crap (awesome crap, some of it, but still crap just the same), Amanda Bynes took to her Twitter on Saturday to announce that she's retiring from acting at the age of 24. (She also announced that she's attracted to black men and that she hates perverted dudes, but no one's talking about that for some reason. Conspiracy?) But hardly anybody who retires from show business stays retired, and since I actually like Amanda Bynes and generally find her to be pretty talented in the funny department, I thought I'd make a list of her likely projects once the AARP laughs in her wrinkle-free face and she realizes acting is the easiest money she's ever going to make. Welcome back in a few years, Amanda Bynes! Here are some things you could do once you're acting again.



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