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Tubey Awards 2010: The Winners Are Here!

by admin August 25, 2010 10:06 am
Tubey Awards 2010: The Winners Are Here!

We've tabulated all of your votes from the semifinals and the finals, and though there were a few tight races, we're finally able to reveal who you chose as winners in our annual Tubey Awards. Vampire Diaries, Glee and Mad Men unsurprisingly took home a lot of wins, but there were plenty of upsets this year, thanks to those diehard Chuck and Firefly fans. We've got the awards broken down into categories, so you can easily jump right to see which awards the fans gave to Nathan Fillion and his Castle alter ego (hint: check Favorite Actor, Best Pop Culture Reference and Best "Hell Yeah" Moment).

See the complete list of winners below:
Scripted TV -- includes Best New Show, Worst New Show, Guiltiest TV Pleasure and more.

Characters -- includes Most Welcome Character, Most Redemptive Character in a Sucky Show, Best Villain and more.

Actors & Actresses -- includes Best Cast, Least Favorite Actor, Worst Crime Against Fashion and more.

Episodes & Moments -- includes Best Single Episode, Best Line of Dialogue, Best Pop Culture Reference, Worst WTF Moment and more.

Relationships & Storylines -- includes Most Ludicrous Plotline, Worst Retcon, Best HoYay! Couple, Best Family Relationship and more.

Reality TV -- includes Best Reality Show Smackdown, Best Reality Host or Judge, Best Late Night Talk Show and more.

For more Tubeys, click here.

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