The Big Winners

Fans honored a killer Game of Thrones season with 14 Tubey Awards, including Best Drama, while Orphan Black won Best New Show, Parks & Rec was Best Comedy and OUAT, AHS and more also took top prizes.

Memorable Moments

Two very different kinds of weddings won the awards for best episode, while voters are still fuming about Downton Abbey's car crash.

Memorable Moments

Two very different weddings were unforgettable, while voters are still fuming about Downton Abbey's car crash and The Donald.

Best of the Decade

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tubey Awards, we asked fans to pick the very best and worst of the past ten years. Among their choices: Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, FNL, Mad Men, more.

Actors & Characters

New Girl guy Jake Johnson was voted Favorite Actor, Leslie Knope won Best Character and no one misses Walking Dead's Andrea.

Relationships & Stories

Fans swooned for Castle & Beckett's romance and Holmes & Watson's friendship, while Glee's school shooting was picked as the most ludicrous plotline.




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