Eagle Eye

by DeAnn Welker September 22, 2008 5:37 pm
Eagle Eye Because Shia LaBeouf can do almost no wrong in my eyes (there was the DUI, but I can't hold it against him unless it happens again, because he's young and we all do stupid things in our youth), I'm actually weirdly excited for Eagle Eye in a way that I'm pretty sure I should not be. After all, this is what we get from the trailer: Shia tells his friends they have a choice of whether to be boys or men. Then he takes their money in a poker game. Turtle from Entourage screams at Shia for being so amazing at poker. There's a lot of smack talk over the poker game as the guys act like ... well -- no offense to the men who might be reading this -- but, guys. Then Shia comes home and finds a bunch of illegal guns, ammunition, and barrels of something (toxic fluids?) at his house. He gets a phone call telling him the FBI will arrive and he should "flee the premises." Which ... if someone's setting you up, do they usually warn you that it's about to happen? I wouldn't think so. Shia says the stuff's not his, and he doesn't flee, so the FBI arrests him. They obviously don't believe he was set up. Billy Bob Thornton (in his Armageddon role as the straight man) eventually realizes that Shia couldn't have done this alone. And Shia ends up running and dodging in front of subways and other exciting action-movie stuff with a girl he seems not to know (they both were "chosen" by the voice who called Shia to warn him). It's all very strange and silly and over-the-top, and yet ... I want to see it because Shia is all grown-up and being an action hero. That is just plain irresistible, I tell you.




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