by DeAnn Welker November 24, 2008 5:17 pm

You can't really make a movie called Australia without casting Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, right? And Baz Luhrmann would know, being Australian himself. The trailer shows Kidman telling a story to a young Aboriginal boy, and that appears to be the story that the movie depicts: about fighting for land during World War II. You'd think that a movie called Australia by Luhrmann would allow Kidman and Jackman to speak in their native accents, right? Well, you'd only be half right, since Kidman apparently plays a British woman. The movie looks beautifully shot, and epic, and all of that. And it will surely make everyone want to go visit Australia's beautiful landscapes (everything looks good though Luhrmann's lens, after all). But the trailer doesn't give too much indication about what it actually is about, or who they're fighting off (is it an entire army? If so, they might not be up to that challenge), or how she and Jackman meet, or who the young Aboriginal boy is. I like when trailers are mysterious enough not to give the movie away, so good on 'em for that. But, then again, it should leave me with at least some idea what the film's about, shouldn't it? I guess not necessarily, if there's this much pretty (Jackman, Kidman, Australia, the lovely little boy) to draw us in.

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