Punisher: War Zone

by DeAnn Welker December 3, 2008 3:39 pm
Punisher: War Zone It's hard for me to care even a little bit about Punisher: War Zone. After all, it's a sequel to a movie I didn't care about in the first place (my apologies to fans of The Punisher comics; I'm sure they're great). But when the sequel to a movie that scores a 28 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes can't retain its cast or crew because they aren't happy with the sequel's script or there are other creative differences (Thomas Jane's reasoning), you know there's a problem. I mean, can it get much worse than a 28 percent rating from critics? Oh, right, there was all of that huge success of the first film, which is what warranted this sequel, right? Wait, it made just more than $30 million, didn't it? So how did this sequel happen again?

We might never know. Right now, we have the trailer for War Zone to make some sense of. Except there is not all that much to make sense of. Voiceover guy tells us "Evil has many faces" and "Darkness has many allies" and finally "But there is only one who Punishes them all." And if voiceover isn't enough, we get Overly! Dramatic! Type! exclaiming that "Our Future. Rests in His Hands." Um, okay, then. I have to admit to being slightly intrigued by this new cast, what with Ray Stevenson and Dominic West coming on board. But those two alone aren't enough to save something that's been on this much of a downward spiral since before it even got started.

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