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Previously on 666 Park Avenue: Kandinsky tried to kill Henry. Dr. Scott sold his soul to Gavin. Jane is crazy and Victor Shaw wants revenge on Gavin. Also, poor disloyal Sam lost his head. RIP Sam.

1998. Gavin, looking exactly the same as he does now (he must use the same face cream as the people on Revolution), holds the elevator for a young woman, Melanie. She is visiting her mother, Lottie, on the tenth floor. Gavin says Lottie is one of his favorite residents, and remarks on how excited she must be to become a grandmother. He asks how Melanie's unborn daughter is doing. Melanie does not recall telling Gavin about the contents of her uterus. He says it was a lucky guess. No, it was the devil!

Lottie, of course, is Nona's grandmother, who was motionless and silent in her wheelchair last time we saw her. Melanie mentions running into Gavin in the elevator, and Lottie asks suspiciously if Melanie spoke with him. She tells Lottie about how Gavin guessed the baby's sex. Lottie gets angry and tells Melanie she told her not to speak to Gavin and that she shouldn't come to the Drake while she's pregnant. Melanie says she worries about Lottie living alone, but her mother pulls her to her feet and tells her not to come back until after the baby is born. She says she doesn't want her around the bad things in the building, which of course alarms Melanie, who says she doesn't want her mother to stay there with the bad things, but Lottie says she can't leave the Drake. Lottie hustles Melanie out the door.

Melanie takes the elevator down, but of course it jerks to a stop. (Why does ANYONE ever get on these elevators?!) The lights go out. And then Melanie doubles over in pain, yelling for help. The screen fades to white on a baby's cry. Present day in Lottie's apartment, where Lottie is staring motionlessly out the window.

Henry and Jane's. Jane is fiddling with a dress while Henry does up his tie and says Gavin and Olivia want them to ride to the ceremony together -- Henry is getting an award for being the Gracie Mansion Hero. Jane seems particularly unenthused, probably because when we last saw them, Henry was calling her a raving loony-bird. Jane's all, uh-huh, that's great, sweetie, and she stares off into middle distance while Henry recaps his heroic night. He finally notices that she's basically catatonic and asks her what's wrong.

Jane says she's really happy for how well Henry is doing, but after what happened on Halloween, she wants to go home. She doesn't feel safe in the Drake, but Henry steamrolls over her objections, saying Jane was the one who convinced him to get over his fear and move to New York, "and now things are going great for us!" Uh, things are demonstrably not great for Jane, dude. Even if you discount how her great-grandfather tried to axe-murder her on Halloween, there's the fact that she doesn't have a job and spends all day mucking around in the filthy basement and staring obsessively at old newspaper clippings. She's basically a refugee from Hoarders. Rather than arguing all this again, Jane says they should go so they're not late for the mayor.

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