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Crazier Today Than Yesterday

The mayor's fancy ceremony. Jane is sitting with Olivia and Gavin while the sadly-not-el Bloombito mayor goes on about how Henry is such a great heroic hero and presents him with the Bronze Medallion. Afterward, Gavin and Olivia congratulate Henry and say he should be mayor, not this impostor who doesn't even have his own awesome sign-language interpreter. Olivia asks Jane for a private word.

Olivia tells Jane the symphony board needs an architect for a brownstone in Gramercy Park. But Jane tells Olivia she's planning to leave New York. Olivia neatly sums it up as Jane running away and then she's all, ah, well. So much for your grand opportunity, coward!

Brian comes home and calls for his wife. The apartment looks empty, but he hears a noise, and of course it's fucking Alexis. Brian asks where Louise is, and Alexis says she's at a photo shoot in Miami and asked Alexis to send her a few things. Brian has been staying with a friend in Brooklyn (since Halloween, presumably), which is why he didn't know where his own wife was. Alexis says she's sorry about the trouble between Louise and Brian and starts to say that if any of it was because of her -- and it all was -- but Brian stops her before she can make my finely honed sense of irony explode. He says he can't remember the last time he and Louise were happy together, but allows that Alexis didn't make Louise sleep with Dr. Scott. Alexis points out that the only evidence is a text message -- that Alexis sent -- but he's convinced by Louise's expression after she and Scott left the elevator. Alexis makes it clear she's available for purposes of sorrows drowning.

Penthouse terrace. Gavin asks Henry what's up and Henry relates how Jane is crazy. Gavin brushes it all off as an old building freaking people out. Er, I lived in a building a few years older than the Drake for six years and it never tried to kill me or resurrected any of my ancestors. But that's what you get living in a downtown walkup with no park views, I suppose. Gavin asks Henry if he's really committed to leaving the city with Jane, and Henry says he can't imagine his life without Jane, but he also wants Gavin to tell him how he can have all the things he wants. Gavin says the women who love them are the best parts of their lives, so they'd be smart to keep those women happy and none-too-subtly nudges Henry toward asking Jane to marry him. Henry asks if Gavin thinks proposing to Jane will keep her in New York. Gavin does. As he's escorting him to the elevator, Gavin says Olivia is the one to ask about wowing Jane. Olivia is super excited about engagement ring shopping. Henry departs and Olivia tells Gavin how Jane wants to leave. Gavin says he doesn't plan to let either Henry or Jane leave the city. Olivia is still concerned about Victor Shaw, but Gavin tells her not to worry her pretty little head about such things.

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