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Crazier Today Than Yesterday

Kandinsky's room at the hospital. A police officer frisks Dr. Scott before he can enter the room. Scott checks out unconscious Kandinsky's stab wound, changes the dressing, and makes some notes, then leaves. Kandinsky's eyes pop open. He looks down at his bandage, rips it off and then pulls a scalpel out of his abdomen, which would be super gross except that I just watched The Walking Dead, where everything is covered in a thick layer of red-dyed corn syrup and pus. Kandinsky screams, which brings the cop into his room and he stabs the cop in the face.

Nona's apartment. A noise wakes her from where she's fallen asleep watching TV. She investigates and finds Lottie's wheelchair is empty. The front door of the apartment is open. Nona goes out in the hall looking for Lottie. She's out in the hall, still not talking or looking at anything in particular. Nona asks what's happening and Lottie says haltingly, "Don't let Jane leave." Or maybe she says, "Go get Jane Leeves," and this show needs a crossover episode with Hot in Cleveland.

Jane greets Walt, a front-desk guy who isn't Tony, and asks him to take a letter to Gavin. Walt guesses it's her resignation letter, which makes Jane all anxious. Walt says Tony will be happy she's leaving, because Tony's a dick. Nona gets off the elevator and asks Jane if she's moving out. She says she's going back to Indiana, and Nona tells her what Lottie said. Nona tells Jane she's part of the Drake and Jane is like, shut up, this place is insane and awful and it's not worth the wood floors and fireplaces and twelve-foot ceilings to almost get murdered all the time. Nona says Jane is the one person she trusts at the Drake.

Expensive-ass jewelry store. Henry says everything is lovely, but he doesn't think he can afford even the jewelry boxes. His budget is $3,000 and he points at a ring, which the jeweler says just happens to be $3,000! How convenient. The one next to it is, too. Henry asks Olivia what's going on and she's all, don't you see the wings and magic wand? Bibbity-bobbity-shut-up-and-take-the-sparkly-stuff. Henry confesses that he already asked Jane to marry him once, a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, but Jane wanted to wait until they got settled in New York. Olivia points out that ladies like bling and says she's sure Jane will say yes to one of these lovely baubles, which all happen to be right in Henry's price range!

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