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Crazier Today Than Yesterday

Gavin is on the phone with Scott, who is very upset about how Kandinsky killed two people during his escape. Gavin, hilariously, says, "You were the one who sewed a scalpel into your patient. What did you possibly think that was for?" Scott says this settles his debt, but Gavin's all, uh-uh, I own you, sweet cheeks. Gavin hangs up and turns to Kandinsky, saying that his wound is kind of icky. Kandinsky says he's fine, now who else does he get to torture? Gavin gives him the rundown on Shaw, and says he doesn't want him killed just yet. He wants the box back. Kandinsky says, "I'll bring him to you alive." I'm kind of digging the bromance these two have going on.

Henry and the jeweler go off to discuss $3,000 rings while Olivia tries on a necklace. Shaw appears behind her and leers creepily about how she's more beautiful than the jewelry. He wants to buy her a gift to wear to her symphony benefit. I wonder why Gavin doesn't have Olivia traveling with a bodyguard, if he's so keen to keep her safe. Surely he doesn't think Henry's up to the task. Olivia coolly invites Shaw to join them at the symphony event and Shaw smirks about how Gavin's letting her out of her gilded cage. Olivia says she prefers platinum, but Shaw has more oily barbs to toss out in front of her. He says he wants to help her escape Gavin's grip and from the look of fear and discomfort on Olivia's face I think we're supposed to think she's having second thoughts about her marriage, but maybe Shaw just smells terrible. Olivia asks Shaw why she'd betray Gavin and he says maybe she wants to. She asks what she'd need to do and he says, oh nothing... just bring me a beheaded chicken and a virgin's knickers.

Jane gets on the elevator at the Drake. The car doesn't go anywhere, so she pushes the lobby button again. And then Nona is suddenly behind her, saying that even though it doesn't feel like they're moving, they are. She is so creepy. Jane gets off and walks out into the dark, empty lobby, where a blonde girl is playing hopscotch on the parquet floor. Jane asks who she is and Nona says she's like her, a child of the Drake. And Jane is one, too, which she denies, but Nona says that's why she can step inside her dream. Jane wakes up suddenly in her own bed, making a compelling case for drinking or sedating oneself into a stupor before nighty-night.

Henry and Brian are jogging in the park and Brian's telling Henry that marriage is kind of crap. Brian says he kind of understands why Louise "cheated" on him -- he can't provide for her. Ah, if only she knew that Dr. Scott is in hock up to his eyebrows. Brian advises Henry not to get married ever, which makes Henry laugh, because everyone else on this show has been trying to get diamond handcuffs on him and Jane since day one. They resume their jog.

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