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Crazier Today Than Yesterday

Jane knocks on Nona's door and starts to ask what the hell is up and Nona's all, I told you that you're special. Jane comes inside and Nona introduces Lottie, who has no reaction. Jane asks how long Lottie has been in this state, and Nona says it's been a few years, since her parents died. Jane can't believe that a fourteen-year-old has been on her own for years and says she should tell someone. Jane wants to call social services, but Nona freaks out that Lottie will be put in a home and she'll be put in foster care. She says that doctors can't help Lottie and what happened to her happened in the Drake, because she was looking for answers to what happened to Nona's parents and other Drake residents. Well, that's not going to convince Jane to stay!

Brian's apartment. He looks out the window toward Alexis's place, but she's standing behind him, of course. Man, the Drake really needs better locks. She says she came to say goodbye. She hugs Brian, who then leans in and kisses her. He apologizes, but Alexis likes it. They rip each other's clothes off and do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Nona shows Jane Lottie's Beautiful Mind-style room of evidence for how and why the Drake is killing or disappearing its residents. Jane guesses that Nona is the one who put the newspaper clipping about the first of Danielle's victims, back in 1956, under her door. Nona says she found a photo of a little girl and it's the hopscotching kid from Jane's dream. On the back it says "Jane 1992." Nona repeats that Jane is a child of the Drake. Jane agrees that this is a picture of her, but she lived in Indiana at that age. Nona says she should stay and figure out what's up. Or she should go outside, get in a cab, go to JFK and never look back. Definitely she should do one of those two things.

Jane and Nona are in Jane's bedroom, sorting through photos and she says she should remember coming to New York when she was eight years old. She asks Nona what it means. Nona says it's why Jane has to stay. Henry comes home and Jane hides the photos under the bed.

Brian runs into Scott in the lobby and Brian wants to pick a fight, but Scott is freaked as all hell and just wants to go to his apartment and make some more bad calls on his precious ponies, because that's the only thing that will distract him from the two people he got killed today. Brian wants to know how long Scott and Louise have been sleeping together and Scott, of course, says he never touched Louise. Brian recaps Halloween, the text message, and Scott points out that he'd lost his phone, until Alexis gave it back. Brian starts to catch on. Scott gasps in pain and lunges into the elevator, then into his apartment. He rips off his shirt in the bathroom and "$50,000" is burned into his chest. As he watches, it changes to $60,000.

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