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Crazier Today Than Yesterday

Olivia returns to Gavin's side and greets Scott with a deadpan "Thank God you're here" and very coolly tells Scott that Shaw needs his help, so Scott sticks his gun in his waistband and rushes over. Gavin hands Olivia his handkerchief and she wipes her mouth.

An ambulance takes Shaw away and Scott's inside, still trying to fix him, because this ambulance apparently has no EMTs. That's because the driver is Kandinsky, who tells Scott they're going back to the Drake and he needs to keep Shaw alive so Gavin can pry out his fingernails.

Lobby. Brian calls for someone to hold the elevator and of course inside is Alexis. She doesn't even live there! Brian's all, hello bad lady whose vagina I saw recently. She tries to kiss him, and he fends her off, and then reminds us all that Alexis tricked him into doubting his wife and then nailing her. She's all, it takes two to tango, fella. Brian pins her against the elevator wall and tells her to stay away from him and Louise. Alexis twists out of his grasp and says this is her floor. Oh, fantastic. Maybe she's actually as bad as Lauren Reed. Although what she's destroying isn't nearly as valuable to me.

Henry and Jane get home, finally, and he's like, do you really want to leave? She says the Drake is great, but what would be greater is if it wasn't trying to drive her completely bananapants. Nona greets them and asks if she can speak with Jane. She says Lottie is missing, and Jane's like, how far could the lady in the wheelchair get? She says she'll help and sends Henry upstairs with her coat. He just wants to lock that shit down, you know?

In his apartment, Henry walks into the candles-and-rose-petals fantasyland Olivia has created and it amuses me to think that she deputized Tony to go up there and turn the place into Bella Swan's wet dream.

Nona and Jane find Lottie in the laundry room of horrors and after they tell her they're going to get her back upstairs, Lottie reaches out and snatches Jane's necklace. She holds the pendant up to her eye and Jane asks if Lottie is trying to tell her something. Nona says she's trying to look through it. Jane twigs that her necklace matches the eye in the dragon mosaic on the floor.

Upstairs, Henry is just cooling his heels. He pulls out the ring and stares at it.

In the laundry room, Jane scrabbles around on the floor and says the pieces of the mosaic are all original, except for the eye. She pries up the replacement eye and fits her necklace into the space. The tiles start falling down into the floor, like the second test in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but then they all rearrange themselves to reveal a staircase spiraling down. That seems like a great idea, going down there. Which Jane does, of course. She tells Nona to stay with Lottie and says she thinks this is something she's supposed to do. Oh, now she's not scared. Jane gets a few steps down and then the floor closes up over her head, of course.

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